The Brothers Aloadae

•July 26, 2014 • 1 Comment

Among the many projects on my table right now is this fine fellow, Otos

He's the younger brother, always eager to impress and perhaps a tad irresponsible as a result.

He’s the younger brother, always eager to impress and perhaps a tad irresponsible as a result.


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Projects Galore

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I don’t love painting as much as I’d like to. I enjoy the act itself, mind.


My DnD character, Darif’s, animal companion and quasi-real sign of his deity’s favor.

I’m extremely proud of that fella, for instance. I was simply setting out to paint a white wolf, because Darif’s Winter Beast is a white, wolf-like creature. Rather than using a wolf proper I used a LotR warg. I’m most proud, though, of the way I layered grays and blue washes to create a brilliant white wolf that looks like he was washed in nuln oil. A year ago I would have just painted him white, then washed him in oil, then painted him white again, then felt small and sad when that looked like ass. You want to use blues, though, for the same reason that whitening detergents have blue dye; it makes the white pop to the human eye by counteracting yellows. Hard to tell from the picture, but I even gave his teeth a pearlescent gleam with hard coat. When painting plays out like that–when it’s about having a vision, executing on that vision, and creating something unique and suited to my style–I’m pumped. Continue reading ‘Projects Galore’

Do You Have a Moment to Talk About Chaos? A Brief Sermon

•May 13, 2014 • 1 Comment

That seemed the most apropos tag to give this little bit of writing. The ole FLGS is starting up a narrative-driven massive campaign, spanning both stores and–ideally–sporting six different teams split evenly between the locations. Players can join any of the teams at either store, though I’m still not entirely confident in the ways they’ve discussed managing teams; there’s been talk of forcing the best player on a given team to migrate to the worst team, and I am not okay with that as a concept. I say this as a CSM/Daemon player who doesn’t run deathstars and has used his Heldrake once, so my objection’s not for fear that I’ma be traded to bulk up someone’s score.

Anyway, at our sop the three team leads broke out just about perfectly: there’s a military guy who’s leading a team that’ll mostly be made up, I imagine, of military guys (we have a big air base here, so a lot of the gamers are enlisted). They’re going to run a lot of Marines/Loyalists with a smattering of Eldar, and good for them!

There’s a fierce tattooed gentleman who’ll head a fierce tattooed team of folks with varied armies. In terms of the folks that I know have made team commitments, most (but not all!) of the folks I’d  consider friends signed on to this team. It actually folded two potential team leads (and our club president, who could probably have made a bid for a team) into itself. Given the theoretically adversarial nature of the campaign, having many/most of the folks I actively enjoy playing on a team that’s not my team is to my advantage. Interestingly, while this group has a goodly mix of armies represented, they ended up having most of what I consider the Xenos armies. What I mean by this is that Eldar might as well be Loyalists, since they appeal (at least in the local meta) to a lot of the same players and sensibilities. Same with Tau. By contrast, I have no problem thinking of Space Wolves as Xenos, just as I’d consider Carcharodons essentially a Chaos army (and the only Loyalists I could see playing).

That leaves one more team lead who, unsurprisingly, is me. It also leaves one major faction which, unsurprisingly, happens to be Chaos. Now, nothing anywhere says that the teams have to be broken down by fluff or allegiance lines; it just happens that the teams are kind of shaking out that way. I obviously can’t speak to the membership on my team beyond a few immediate sign-ons I’m thrilled to have (one of whom technically plays Loyalists, but he inches closer to Chaos every day), but since there are maybe five Chaos players total, having two of them on the team already represents a hearty chunk. The team shakeouts so far only represent the handful of folks who were at the meeting (incidentally the same handful of folks who are essentially at every meeting) so there are at least a dozen theoretical players to join up somewhere.

Even though team membership isn’t supposed to have anything to do with fluff, I’ve been working up some…promotional material for our team; actually started it before I was even a team lead. I’m typing some of it up here, though less than I’d originally planned to provide because I read it to my wife and her support was less than overwhelming (love you honey!). Once I have the rhythm down for the sermon I plan to annotate it with Imperium condemnation, pointing out all the ways in which the lines are subversive. I’ve also got a bit to add in yet about how all creation comes from the sea: life from the oceans of the worlds, civilization from the sea of stars with the Imperium, and ultimately all that man accomplishes being sourced in the sea of his thoughts, the turbulent oceans of imagination. 


Freedom is the first, greatest good.

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Practically Herculean Up In Here

•May 12, 2014 • 1 Comment

In a break from unfolding the tale of that long-ago tournament and various other things, here are a couple pictures of what I’m currently all about. Put in some major work on these boys yesterday and today, and it’s just so damn much fun. They’re the monstrous infantry support for my Typhonic Beastman army, all designed to give me multi-wound stomp-having models without resorting to using the GW minotaur sculpts, of which I am not a fan.

These guys are a ton of fun, and great practice for fur textures.

These guys are a ton of fun, and great practice for fur textures.

I went back and forth on a number of options for my minotaurs, everything from biting the bullet and buying the GW sculpts to using Tomb Kings Ushabti warriors (which I do love, and thought would have been a great fit). The boar man choice was partially motivated by price, but more by seeing some incredible ogre-to-minotaur-conversions (that link is sort of janky-cachey, but ’twill serve) and wanting to put my collecting of proper shaping tools to work! I’m having so much fun getting to texture greenstuff that, among other things, I’ve typed “fun” three times in this post already. Continue reading ‘Practically Herculean Up In Here’

My Earlier Complaints Were Baseless

•May 9, 2014 • 2 Comments

I’m trying to get more practiced utilizing Dropbox. This is relevant to posting, because part of what serves an excuse for not posting more often is the lack of pictures I can throw into my posts. It feels…wrong to lack pictures, not because I’m trying to get my SEO so so right, but–I suppose–because I recognize that pictures seem to be expected. I’m striving to improve on that particular failing.

So the last time I posted it was a stressed, semi-sleep-deprived screed about how much I hate basing. At the time I was facing down a target of having 500 fully-painted and based points on the table for the tournament, something I’d never accomplished before.


With the assistance of my wife, who is an exceptional painter willing to hop in and help particularly because having tasks made the experience less stressful for her than painting her own stuff (though pics to follow of that because I’m so very proud), I managed to hit the target. I admit, too, that I’m really happy (even now, two months later) with the results!

19 Plaguebearers

The original state of my Plaguebearers

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Basily Hasted

•March 15, 2014 • 5 Comments

I really, really, really dislike basing.

It doesn’t help that I’m up at 4am trying to get everything based for a Combat Patrol tourney tomorrow at Gryphon Games. Not that 4am’s crazy for a weekend night, especially since I slept til about 2pm today because it’s, you know, Setherday. I’m also making my own job harder by basing every model of a particular type, rather than just the ones I’m running in a 500-pt tourney. That’s leading to some additional bloodletters, plaguebearers, etc. getting the basejob.

But man, I hate basing. It just…it feels pointless and messy and ineffectual. This is further compounded where flying bases are concerned–they’re already clear! They already reflect whatever the creature’s flying over!

I do appreciate that a lot of Fantasy stuff seems to come pre-loaded with decorative bases, and I’ve put some elements onto other ones. But it’s a dramatic shift between the pleasure I took in the time-consuming, repetitive task of washing 19 Plaguebearers (they were my first models, and I thought washing meant a different thing) or painting/washing 8 bloodletters (I did them up with a strange, random paint scheme that evokes African demonic spirits) and the snarling grumbles I’m emitting as I slather texture paints and white glue all over the bases for these guys.

So I wrote this post in the hopes I’d feel better!

Boppin’ and Blog Hoppin': Day Twenty-Eight

•February 28, 2014 • 6 Comments

The Finale!

What’s the single most important lesson you’ve learned from DnD?

As I just said, I’ve taken a lot from DnD. My teaching style is profoundly influenced by my growth as a DM, which is how I can walk into a classroom where there are three of seven students present, only two of whom have done the homework, and turn their combined 11-minutes of presentation into a two-and-a-half-hour class, incorporating both a visit from my boss and one student’s decision to use a massive picture of “blue waffle” as part of her presentation. Continue reading ‘Boppin’ and Blog Hoppin': Day Twenty-Eight’


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