Our Golden Arches are Comprised of Faerie Fire

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Just now, in the shower, I was thinking about Magic Missiles.

Specifically, I was thinking about how the party for my weekly Encounters game has apparently “lost” their wand of Magic Missiles. They received one for defeating an earlier foe, a necromancer whose downfall sort of took three sessions. By this I mean it took two sessions for the party to penetrate to right outside his door, at which point we had to call the game on account of time and their dwindled resources. They were missing the party healer and all of the hit points represented by the party’s heavily-armored ranger, so the fight was mostly a battle between a horde of small targets and the party’s not-ready-for-prime-time DPs and druids. Druids, at level one, don’t entirely know what kind of class they’re going to be and it definitely showed as they fought their way through these catacombs. The third night was going to be very “boss fight” in nature, with the party’s resources still low but primarily facing one high-burst, buffed target and some incidental minions.

Then my wife walked into the room, rolled a crit with her half-orc two-handed fighter, and decapitated the dude in the first round. Continue reading ‘Our Golden Arches are Comprised of Faerie Fire’

Soooooo….MORE Khorne, eh!?

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My primal scream from last week retains all of its anguish, sorrow, and perceived urgency. I still want more Slaanesh, still think it’s a tragedy I don’t have it. I had a conversation the day after posting about Khorne where a friend casually said “Well, aren’t they getting rid of Slaanesh?” It’s horrifying that such a concept has permeated the consciousness, or that it could gain any traction in the first place.

All that said, though, it sounds like the Khorne Daemonkin codex is quite solid. Though there’s been plenty of not-ink spilled on its behalf, this article provides a pretty solid overview of the codex and its offerings. In all, and before seeing the rumored point reductions, the codex gives me hope that I will see one of these for the slickest, writhingest of Gods soon. The mechanics presented do some interesting new things, fix some stuff I never expected to see changed, and address one issue I freely admit I hadn’t considered for Khornate fellows. Let’s hear it for the boys in red!

“Cheering Bloodthirsters” brought up the “Drinkin’ & Modelin'” blog, and it’s hard to disapprove of that.

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A…Well, Less Than a Thousand Reasons to Rock the Sons

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So The Larkins asked me about what pitfalls a friend would hit getting into 40k with a CSM Thousand Sons army. I thought that I’d again poach answering the question to get an entire blog post, and further wanted to format my response according to some organizing principles. It kind of resembles a “Good News, Bad News,” but acknowledges that some challenges are of varied significance for different types of players. Continue reading ‘A…Well, Less Than a Thousand Reasons to Rock the Sons’

So…*sigh*…more Khorne, eh?

•March 17, 2015 • 4 Comments

I want to be excited about this upcoming Khorne minidex. I want to be pumped because: A) More Chaos is good and B) When you have a tetra-system like the Chaos guys have, giving something to one God is a great way to presage every other god getting theirs.

Except, you know, that’s not what we’ve seen so far. Continue reading ‘So…*sigh*…more Khorne, eh?’

Such a Dope Concept

•March 11, 2015 • 3 Comments

This is a great damn idea.


I’m wading into the shallow end of the Malifaux RPG, Through the Breach. Last week I put in an order (through Amazon because I don’t think I could get both of them from Wyrd’s store at the time) for both boxes of their PC character kits.

Because, you know, yes.

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Review: BloodLust Shadowhunter (and yes, I spelled that correctly)

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I wanted to start this post with a picture of a vampire smoking Cloves. That didn’t pan out. Then I searched “pretentious vampire” but mostly got pictures of vampires and/or goths I respect.

If an okay game thinks that it’s bad, is it actually bad? If the game seems ready to not just acknowledge its flaws but actually incept them into a player’s mind, what does it say if you judge the game according to those flaws? I just downloaded and tried the game BloodLust Shadowhunter (all spelling and punctuation is not on me!). It’s billed as a dungeon crawler, though the third-person perspective makes me think more of its other massive influence, Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines. You are a vampire, and you are creeping about and occasionally biting people on their necks. That’s a fine idea, and one I’m usually willing to hop into—even if, as with the execrable DARK. From what I’ve seen, BloodLust is better than that, even if the graphics don’t quite measure up.

However, the game sure seems nervous about itself. As a sign of potential insecurity, I played BloodLust Shadowhunter (I can just smell the cloves) for 82 minutes, according to Steam. When I died, after clearing a dungeon, and a few story quests, and gaining 3 levels, and putting a lot of quarrels into giant apes of various shades, the game still said (in English I’m cleaning up a touch here): “Noticed you only played a few minutes, here are some tips.” Continue reading ‘Review: BloodLust Shadowhunter (and yes, I spelled that correctly)’

RR: On Writing for the Soul Bird by Bird

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I recently read a Grantland article about Donald Westlake. Westlake is one of those authors I’ve been a fan of for years without realizing it, and seen the influence of in tons of other works without knowing he was the one who deserved the credit. Lovecraft was this way; in addition to the macabre in general, when I actually sat down to read one of his collections in high school I realized that I’d first read one of his collections when I was about 8, then spilled milk on the book and had to retire it. I remembered the Yuggoths as from some eerie dream, at first, but as I got further into “The Whisperer in Darkness” there was this dawning realization that I’d seen this all before.

Which is really rather Lovecraftian in itself

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