I Had a Little Monkey…

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That’s from a Marilyn Manson song! An old one, that I don’t think many folks know. It was a good song, from a great album. Currently, the pale giant is doing a lot of interviews, and they’re making it very challenging to defend my appreciation of the dude’s music. The AV Club couldn’t even get him to do their 11 Questions thing.

Good line, though. Here’s a monkey:

20140511_005330That pic’s not new, but here’s the same wee fellow in all his greenstuffed and painted glory!

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I Want to Talk About 4e

•January 6, 2015 • 2 Comments

So, so much. I miss it. I love it. I bought two books for 4e this past weekend, solely to possess them–I also cancelled my recurring subscription to DnD Insider, because it was far more work finding the 4e tools than I was comfortable with.

4e feels like it’s completely vanished, and that breaks my heart. I loved it. I love it.

Tell me this bores you.

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Organization is Sexy

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Where Do Beastbabies Come From?

•January 1, 2015 • 1 Comment

Harpies? Yes? No? Maybe?

A lovely flock of ladies.

To me, the Beastman fluff feels very backed-down, and with the direction GW has gone (see for reference: Necrons) I don’t imagine they’ll change things up. The way Beastmen are presented is…sanitized. I don’t revel in sexual violence, by any means, but given the satyr that serves as the background for the creature (and the centaurs as well) and the near-complete absence of female alternatives, it seems that the lads have a pretty obvious method of reproduction.

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Artillery Rolling In

•December 31, 2014 • 1 Comment

So as part of my campaign to rekindle my appreciation of the minis hobby (and spending time at my local after a real blow to the community), I’ve been crafting madly in the last few days. I’ve had a couple games with my Beastmen since the Legions of Chaos dropped (and one more that I’ve not written up, again against the Dwarfs and a pretty decisive victory for the boys in fur) but had thus far resisted adding anything from out of the core codex. I feel that once I start running Warriors of Chaos in my Core, I’ve essentially given up on the Beastmen. Similarly, I’ve got enough points invested in my spellcasters that picking up Heralds or Sorcerers feels unecessary; I’m also not in any great hurry to run more Daemon infantry since that butts up against what I do with my boys in 40k.

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The Goats March On

•December 13, 2014 • 1 Comment

I’ve been playing Fantasy games! With my beastmen! Which means I’ve had frantic hobby days trying to get things up and running!

In the past week, I’ve played two games (1500 and 2k, respectively) with the son/father dangerous duo of Kyle the Burning-Eyed and Danny (Danny’s gotten a fair amount of mention, but his nickname’s…Danny). Continue reading ‘The Goats March On’

Can I Say Rawr? I’m Saying Rawr.

•December 3, 2014 • 4 Comments

Processed with VSCOcamI had this picture on deck when I wrote my hobbynnui (if you say it out loud, I think it works) post, but thought it’d make a better coda to that somewhat gloomy expulsion of frustration. These three lionmen barely feel like they should count as a conversion…you just take some Crypt Horrors and slap High Elf Lion heads on them. Boom. Still, with a couple layers of paint—and eyes provided by my wife, who…yeah, she’s a talent—I think they look awesome. I’d considered cutting the bones off of their limbs, or gilding them, but when it came to actual painting I liked how they played; I’ll likely give them a light wash to detail it up a bit. There’s some touch-ups to do as well, specifically beard clasps and the tombstone that the rightmost lion is carrying.

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