Our Golden Arches are Comprised of Faerie Fire

Just now, in the shower, I was thinking about Magic Missiles. Specifically, I was thinking about how the party for my weekly Encounters game has apparently “lost” their wand of Magic Missiles. They received one for defeating an earlier foe, a necromancer whose downfall sort of took three sessions. By this I mean it took […]

Boppin’ and Blog Hoppin’: Day Sixteen

Don’t get it twisted! This is a scenario with an endpoint, and even with things like romantic weekend obligations, work, and all these Orks to put together, the posts’ll get where they need to. Other posts also crop up occasionally, through blog hop answers or other things. Anyway, Question 16! Do you remember your first […]

>A-Z Action: D is for Disciplines

>Psionic Discipline, obviously. I love me some psionics, and have since 2e. I don’t really count pre-2e manifestations as a full system, though some might make the same argument about the Complete Psionics Handbook as well. As an aside, the first time I undertook to provide an in-depth counseling session as a young man, I […]