A Record of Serious Leisure

At one point, I aspired to a blog about daily minutae, multimedia, and the occasional thought-provoking observation.

However, I quickly realized that I spent the majority of my time and energy talking about gaming. Embracing that, I give you Ego Poisoning…because it’s better I should fill your head with my thoughts than leave them pinging around in my own skull.

My primary gaming focus for the past few years has been 4th Edition, which is my favorite iteration of Dungeons and Dragons thus far. I make that statement as a fellow who cut his teeth on 2e almost 20 years ago, and packs a set of books for every edition back to the Red Box (somewhere…). However, I’m also versed in systems from Rifts to Alternity, and a particular fan of Tristat, Hunter: The Reckoning, Mage: The Ascension, and Fate.

I’m not an edition warrior, though I’m happy to explain my preference for the things I enjoy. I’m a roleplayer first and a min-maxer never, but that doesn’t mean I can’t swing a rulebook to save my life.

The other focus I’ve noticed developing in my blog is an emphasis on the particular concerns and considerations of Play-by-Post gaming, since that’s been my primary source of gaming joy for the past decade. In the event that I get the opportunity to rock some actual on-the-table tabletop, I’d surely start talking about it. We’ll see what the future holds. Until then, all the games I discuss exist at Myth Weavers where I go by Thymeless.

My own campaigns are universally homebrew, and at present I’m running two groups through a combination of sandbox ideas and AngryDM’s Slaughterhouse. It’s very much a work in progress shambling towards reanimation after I took a slight five-month breather.

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