Valentine’s Day, Filmed

My wife was riding out the end of one of those ubiquitous illnesses teachers get, so our Valentine’s Weekend started with a trip to the doctor and mostly included her laying on the couch instead of sleeping in bed, and my repeated efforts to toggle that state. We did manage to complete a few dungeon […]

Movie (P)Review: Thor

My sister* asked my opinion of Thor. Because she asked the question snuggled safely in the chiseled arms of the godlike physique that is her Kiwi man, within the floating spires and ancient structures of his New Zealand homeland, I saw the question a few minutes after springing from bed, 6 in the morning style. […]

>Movie Review: Red

>I recently took a trip out to Kansas to visit my lovlier half. It was a wondrous trip, at least partially due to our not having seen each other for about two months. We did all the trip things we do: eat at Olive Garden, walk around Barnes and Noble, watch Nickelodeon. But after today […]

>Movie Review: The Expendables

>There’s a book joke at the beginning of The Expendables. When I saw the film today, I was the only one who laughed. There’s a joke in the movie about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s political aspirations in the film; everyone laughed. I think that probably says a lot about the crowd in the theater when I saw […]

>One Piece Makes Me Cry

>The plot of One Piece: The Desert Princess and the Pirates: Adventures in Alabasta is functionally identical to that of Lord of the Rings, or even Henry V. When I weep at One Piece, it’s no different than when I sob through the entirety of Branaugh’s interpretation of that latter tale. The Dancer, the Detective, […]

>Movie Review: Daybreakers

>Guys, Daybreakers is really bad. Painfully bad. The same night I rented it (for a dollar, from the bounty of the Redbox) I also purchased three DVDs for a full cost of $10 from the Smith’s where I do my grocery shopping. Those films (Knight Club, Spreading Ground, and Meet Market) are all completely unknown […]

>Movie Review: Clash of the Titans (2010)

>I saw Clash of the Titans today. Simply googling that title further bolstered my already formed thrust for this review. Gentle Giant John Meo (I don’t know if John Meo is a gentle giant. I don’t know anything about John Meo) suggests that it will be a much-hyped bore; he apparently draws this opinion in […]