Boppin’ and Blog Hoppin’: Day Twenty-Eight

The Finale! What’s the single most important lesson you’ve learned from DnD? As I just said, I’ve taken a lot from DnD. My teaching style is profoundly influenced by my growth as a DM, which is how I can walk into a classroom where there are three of seven students present, only two of whom […]

Boppin’ and Blog Hoppin’: Day Eighteen

What’s the first gaming convention you attended? I’ve done the convention thing twice. Twice! I’m from Wyoming, it’s not really a thing. We do have some friends who hit up Comic-Con in Denver, and graciously invite us every year, but that is a very different thing to me. For instance, I had to look up […]

Bodhisattvalentine’s Day Sidenote

This post was inspired by the sub-option for Day 14 of the Dungeons and Dragons 40th Anniversary Blog Hop. For the 14th, the option was presented to avoid the actual question–which had to do about significant others–and “protest” V-day with a random monster post. I don’t understand hating Valentine’s Day.

Boppin’ and Blog Hoppin’: Day Fourteen

Did you meet your significant other while playing D&D? Does he or she still play? (Also there’s some bullshit about protesting Valentine’s Day with a monster) As I type this I’m catching up on an old episode of My Brother, My Brother, and Me; specifically episode 103, KORBEN DALLAS. Travis (your middlest brother) just told […]

>LJ Classic: The Nice Guy Trap (Originally 10/10/06)

>As much for my edification as the enjoyment of my avid audience, I’ve been going through my auld Livejournal and re-reading the musings of a younger, fro-ier me. When I come upon something I particularly enjoy, I’m porting it over here. Don’t fall into the trap. I’m constantly skirting the edge of the trap, but […]