Have Thrusters, Will…Thrust

Giant Bomb East forced me into a galactic pogrom against Humanity. My weekend was filled with the crew discussing galactic empires (though not Galactic Civilizations), a conversation that also dominated the week’s podcast. Listening to that, watching that, it started to sound real good. Alex had a similar reaction once he had a steaming plate of machinations placed […]

RR: Academic

So, Oscar season, right? I feel that the Oscars have rapidly accelerated to the point where, like the Superbowl, saying “I don’t care about this!” has ceased to be…a statement. It’s become something foregone—not everywhere, but I imagine most of the venues where my voice would actually be heard. However, beyond my not caring about the […]

Marvel Heroes is from the Streets!

Man, I sure love Marvel Heroes. I’ve picked up both of the Advance Packs, which are moderately high buy-in (though roughly a unit and a car in, say, Warhammer) packages that pre-purchase all the upcoming heroes for the game’s next year of development. The game’s had a bit more than a year of development. I’ve […]


I’m going to start by sharing something that I’ve learned about myself in the last twelve months: constantly having new games to play drastically affects the time I devote to writing about them. Who knew? That sounds sarcastic but is actually pretty genuine, at least in the sense that I never knew. The family computer […]

>MMO Adventures 2: The Shaggening

>Once Perfect World was running on my system, I set out to make a charac…wait, no. Before I jump into character creation, I should acknowledge two pernicious bugs that impair playing PW on a Mac running Crossover. The first is that the game client itself, upon launching, occasionally opens in a windowed mode. Perhaps there […]

>MMO Adventures 1: The Not-Playing

>I spent the last week in an MMO frenzy. I was ravenous to play something online, with rpg elements and a persistent story. The fact that I read WoW.com daily, and haven’t played WoW since 2008, probably has something to do with this. The fact that I read Massively.com on the daily as well does […]