Homework, Sure. At Least There’s Not a Quiz.

The dark machinery the heart of me is spinning up in preparation to do some real-ass, actual gaming. This is opposed to Encounters, which is more like a combination of job and teaching assignment; all this compounded by using a system that I’ve still not come to love. Actual-ass gaming means I get to pick […]

Our Golden Arches are Comprised of Faerie Fire

Just now, in the shower, I was thinking about Magic Missiles. Specifically, I was thinking about how the party for my weekly Encounters game has apparently “lost” their wand of Magic Missiles. They received one for defeating an earlier foe, a necromancer whose downfall sort of took three sessions. By this I mean it took […]

Players and Sheet Maintenance: A Comment Too Long to Post

The Man Larkins┬áhad a semi-recent discussion about players and character sheet maintenance, and where the GM’s mandate falls/should fall/must fall. I’d originally intended this to be a comment on that post, but then it got lengthy. This problem–which more broadly manifests as the stratification of investment players and DMs have in a setting, system, and […]