>A-Z Action: G iz da Greenskinz!

>Orcs are important. They’re so iconic to a fantasy setting that when they crop up in Sucker Punch, it’s not even necessary to ever say the name. You see the gross-skinned dudes and recognize them immediately. I’ve written something in the neighborhood of seven different campaign worlds in the last sixteen or so years, and […]

>A-Z Action: F gets you Faustian Bargains

>Unlike when I describe something as “Kafka-esque,” I’ve actually read Faust. It was pretty great, and the same class also had us reading Il Corbaccio which lacked as much pinching of the pope, but provided some awesome names. Just about every Aeon I had in FFX had a name from Corbaccio. Including Corbaccio. However, I’d […]

>A-Z: E is for Enmity

>I play a lot of Dungeons and Dragons. It’s all online via message board these days, though, and that’s a medium with a tremendous turnover and failure rate. Awesome game ideas crop up, recruit players, and then…well, not every game comes back after a three month hiatus. This means that I roll lots of characters, […]

>A-Z Action: D is for Disciplines

>Psionic Discipline, obviously. I love me some psionics, and have since 2e. I don’t really count pre-2e manifestations as a full system, though some might make the same argument about the Complete Psionics Handbook as well. As an aside, the first time I undertook to provide an in-depth counseling session as a young man, I […]

>A-Z Action: B is for Beastmen

>I’m going to talk about Tinderbox’s Beastmen, the faction probably closest to what could be termed “villains” in the setting. First, though something I was reading the other day has me thinking I really should come up with some other names with them. I don’t, in general, worry that my stance on anti-Common necessitates re-naming […]

>That A-Z Action: A is for Ambition

>You know what’s cool? A-Z blogging is cool. Least, it seems to be; damn near every rpg blog I read regularly or recently is on that tip. And while I’ve rarely met a bandwagon I liked, this one dovetails nicely with my efforts to get more regular content updates running through Ego Poisoning. To that […]