Random (Dungeons)

So I picked up Into the Unknown yesterday. I also picked up the previous book, Heroes of the Elemental Chaos because it was full of crunch. I purchased Unknown primarily because of the goblin and kobold crunch; both races feature prominently in my Tran campaign, so I’ve done a lot of work creating feats and […]

A-Z Gaiden: Proposal

As I stare across the very short span that separates me from 30, I’m the first to admit that there are things I haven’t done. I haven’t published the novels I would like, or the sweeping campaign world epics that gamers the world over could thrill to. I haven’t built the resume I might like, […]

A-Z Action: Off the Wagon

Hey kids! I’m still around, still grinding my brain on the unyielding surfaces of gaming products and fantasy media. I’ve got a handful of half-finished posts from the last few weeks, some of which will eventually make it into a form that reaches the broader nets. I’ve also picked up a few new games; did […]

A-Z Action: M is for Mankind

A few days ago, Wizards.com posted a gem from the 1e DMG regarding humans as a playable race. Quoting that article as my source for what’s in the book—something I’ve painstakingly explained to my mother she should never do in her master’s program papers—I present you with the following gem: “This is done principally because […]

A-Z Action: Little Bit of Housecleaning

That cheating? When I ported these venoms of my mind over from blogspot to this here noble domain, some shit didn’t port right. I think that my posts, after some effort, have been brought up to speed. All my jump cuts should work. Formatting should be cleared up–inasmuch as I’ve managed, that is; some of […]

A-Z Action: Knock (Spell, Ritual, or Skill Challenge?)

I’ma be honest: I don’t get rituals. I don’t grasp them. I don’t desire them. I’m not enthusiastic about them in any way. I have tried. I’ve tried to read lists of rituals and select some; but if I’m truthful, I don’t know that I’ve ever finished a description for any ritual save Hand of […]

A-Z Action: Jocularity

I have been known to crack wise. I’ve produced a chuckle or two, elicited a snicker, even provoked a guffaw. I come from a family of jokesters, particularly my father, uncles, and cousins. We once relied on Big Lebowski quotes for the lion’s share of an entire Thanksgiving holiday’s conversation. I’ll poke fun at myself, […]

A-Z Action: I Should Have Used H for HeroQuest

Because, seriously, HeroQuest. It’s important to understand that I wouldn’t be a gamer today if it wasn’t for HeroQuest. And as I owe every major social (and thereby both romantic and professional) accomplishment past the age of about 10 to Dungeons and Dragons, I would literally not be here today if it wasn’t for HeroQuest. […]

>A-Z Action: Howsabout More Greenskinz?

Despite putting several words together in punctuated sequence in my last post, I don’t think that I actually made the point I was striving towards. I chalk this up to writing the post on the fumes of my conscious cycle (my rhythms are mad erratic, yo). However, having finally reached Warhammer’s Orcs at the end […]