Yes, Gaming

I made a Wiki. I’m working up another focused on the Tinderbox campaign. My sudden resurgence in Obsidian Portal related activity is tied into the potential for an actual, honest-to-pants, tabletop gaming group. I also created a googledoc analyzing 4e’s available classes, which I might import to here at some point. I tried to go […]

A-Z Action: M is for Mankind

A few days ago, posted a gem from the 1e DMG regarding humans as a playable race. Quoting that article as my source for what’s in the book—something I’ve painstakingly explained to my mother she should never do in her master’s program papers—I present you with the following gem: “This is done principally because […]

>A-Z Action: B is for Beastmen

>I’m going to talk about Tinderbox’s Beastmen, the faction probably closest to what could be termed “villains” in the setting. First, though something I was reading the other day has me thinking I really should come up with some other names with them. I don’t, in general, worry that my stance on anti-Common necessitates re-naming […]

>That A-Z Action: A is for Ambition

>You know what’s cool? A-Z blogging is cool. Least, it seems to be; damn near every rpg blog I read regularly or recently is on that tip. And while I’ve rarely met a bandwagon I liked, this one dovetails nicely with my efforts to get more regular content updates running through Ego Poisoning. To that […]