Yes, Gaming

I made a Wiki. I’m working up another focused on the Tinderbox campaign. My sudden resurgence in Obsidian Portal related activity is tied into the potential for an actual, honest-to-pants, tabletop gaming group.

I also created a googledoc analyzing 4e’s available classes, which I might import to here at some point. I tried to go HAF in providing information, since most (all?) of my prospective players haven’t delved into 4e. I analyzed classes on the basis of armor quality, health, damage, utility, and so forth and sundry.

I’m honestly not sure if I’m more excited to jump back into ‘Ware the Moloch or Tinderbox, and I’m also making an effort to be prepped for the possibility that neither excites. Still, running a game where dragons are just dicks feels genuine to the spirit of this hobby we love.

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