Boppin’ and Blog Hoppin’: Day Twenty-Five

What’s the longest-running campaign/gaming group you’ve been in? See, this is where my wordiness pays off (from the perspective of having 28 entries completed by the end of today, specifically)! This is how I teach classes too; come the end of the class I wave my hands and explain “We already covered this! And this! […]

A-Z Action: M is for Mankind

A few days ago, posted a gem from the 1e DMG regarding humans as a playable race. Quoting that article as my source for what’s in the book—something I’ve painstakingly explained to my mother she should never do in her master’s program papers—I present you with the following gem: “This is done principally because […]

Language in DnD: Part 4- Revenant Converse!

And now, at last, we come to the concluding post in the Languages in DnD series. In previous posts I covered: my issues with languages in DnD, particularly common; the cultural considerations driving the Tinderbox campaign, and how these affect the available languages; and the available languages for my campaign, alongside their mechanical benefits. Well, […]

Language in DnD: Part 3- Headless Turtle

(My turtle is sleeping on a pair of my pajama pants right now, but with her head tucked into her shell.) Now, the mechanical benefits section could be taken as odd or unnecessary, especially if I’ve already convinced you of the need for language revolution with all of my appeals to setting richness and roleplaying. […]