TtB: Magia Musings

Much like with the Dresden Files RPG, I’m loving the experience of toying with the magic system in TtB. I’m glad I’ve started stretching and tweaking it, too, because it’s shown me some areas that need touching up, and some areas that need watching, and some opportunities for exploration that my Fated might not have […]

Through the Breach: Innocence Lost Prelude

  After tucking and rolling–perhaps even spin-dashing–away from the smoking wreckage of 5e in the denouement of the Elemental Evil public campaign, I made some small motions and noises towards starting up a new campaign.  I shopped around locally, but my wife’s and my local gaming group was deep into the throes of winter, and […]

Crooked Lanes and Deep Shafts

I grew up in a boom town. It was on its…I think third boom, when I was there. It’s into its fourth now, with a pretty significant bust in between. When I was living there and experiencing all the fun that comes with being an adolescent, the town existed to mine trona. If you read […]

Valentine’s Day, Filmed

My wife was riding out the end of one of those ubiquitous illnesses teachers get, so our Valentine’s Weekend started with a trip to the doctor and mostly included her laying on the couch instead of sleeping in bed, and my repeated efforts to toggle that state. We did manage to complete a few dungeon […]

Batman Begins: The Unwatched Batman Movie

I don’t mean to imply that I haven’t seen it. Oh no, I’ve seen the shit out of it. I saw it in theaters, and then had a memorable post-film chase scene because my classmate warned me that my ex-girlfriend was in the theater…leading to me sprinting three blocks through ice and snow. I’m not a […]

If I Had a Dollar for Every Post, I Could Buy Some Minis

Just broke 100! That’s with so, so many posts unwritten, too. I’m thinking of starting a thing where I resurrect a draft; I apparently have something like 40 drafts unfinished on this blog. Some of them were probably pretty time-sensitive. Some of them were probably drunk. Some of them probably got re-written. But even with […]

Boppin’ and Blog Hoppin’: Day Fifteen

What was the first edition of DnD you didn’t enjoy? Why? Oh man, this is a great question. Think it has a bit of overlap with the edition wars question that crops up next, so I’ll try to take this in lil’ bites. The first edition of DnD I didn’t enjoy was 3rd…or more accurately, the […]

Do You Have a Moment to Talk About Chaos? Overview

I decided I wanted to start a new series, to float alongside my extant stuff. The series will somewhat ape the content I’m going to other sites to read, in that it’s a theme-based analysis of various vagaries of Chaos. I recognize that this means similar posts exist elsewhere on the net, but the thing […]