Do You Have a Moment to Talk About Chaos? Overview

I decided I wanted to start a new series, to float alongside my extant stuff. The series will somewhat ape the content I’m going to other sites to read, in that it’s a theme-based analysis of various vagaries of Chaos. I recognize that this means similar posts exist elsewhere on the net, but the thing is: I’m having these conversations anyway. In my head, in the shower, I’m explaining Nurgle to, well, no one. Since that’s the exact purpose for which I started this blog–to let things bubble out of my dome rather than just rotting on the mental vine–I’m putting this stuff all up ins this ‘ere blog.

It also dovetails nicely with an unposted, half-written post about the Gods of Chaos vis-a-vis storytelling, which I have sitting in a notebook and which was largely the impetus for my starting up posting again in the first place.

So the way I see this going, at least initially, is with a large-scale, thematic examination of the forces of Chaos; Daemons first, then CSM. CSM going second is partially preferential, but mostly because I don’t know them nearly as well. By the time I get around to talking about their allegiance to the Ruinous Powers I’ll hopefully have a few more games with them under my massive, spiked-and-studded metal belt that I’m theoretically wearing because Chaos.

(I’m not actually wearing a giant metal belt, but I am within a few inches of a long black hooded robe, because my wife loves me.)

Anyway, the broad-brush concept is to focus down on each god, their rules and fluff, and fill a couple categories for each of them. By categories I mean the various types of daemons each god fosters, and how they play into the overall strategy. After daemons, when I move onto CSM, things will tighten down to the mark, troops, and Icon for each. I’m undecided as the whether I’ll write posts for things I don’t play outside of the main god posts (which -necessitate- my doing so since I don’t run Pink Horrors, Lords of Change, or much of anything marked by Khorne). There’ll be some other stuff throw in, like my aforementioned unposted post. That’s the business to come!

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