A…Well, Less Than a Thousand Reasons to Rock the Sons

So The Larkins asked me about what pitfalls a friend would hit getting into 40k with a CSM Thousand Sons army. I thought that I’d again poach answering the question to get an entire blog post, and further wanted to format my response according to some organizing principles. It kind of resembles a “Good News, […]

So…*sigh*…more Khorne, eh?

I want to be excited about this upcoming Khorne minidex. I want to be pumped because: A) More Chaos is good and B) When you have a tetra-system like the Chaos guys have, giving something to one God is a great way to presage every other god getting theirs. Except, you know, that’s not what […]

Such a Dope Concept

This is a great damn idea. I’m wading into the shallow end of the Malifaux RPG, Through the Breach. Last week I put in an order (through Amazon because I don’t think I could get both of them from Wyrd’s store at the time) for both boxes of their PC character kits. Because, you know, yes.

RR: On Writing for the Soul Bird by Bird

I recently read a Grantland article about Donald Westlake. Westlake is one of those authors I’ve been a fan of for years without realizing it, and seen the influence of in tons of other works without knowing he was the one who deserved the credit. Lovecraft was this way; in addition to the macabre in general, when […]

A Thoroughly Successful Saturday

This was a great Saturday! My wife and I got out of town, headed down to Colorado and did a bit of eating and shopping. There’s a restaurant in Fort Collins called Stuft, and they will put all the cheese on your burger, and then give you a side order of freshly-made mac’n’cheese. There is […]

A Mighty Harvest!

Some items arrived: I picked up a crazy haul from the first Reaper Bones Kickstarter, so I was happy to jump in on the second one.  Because of that initial haul, though, I wasn’t particularly interested in the core set of minis. For roughly what I spent the first time around, I focused up on specific […]

RR: Academic

So, Oscar season, right? I feel that the Oscars have rapidly accelerated to the point where, like the Superbowl, saying “I don’t care about this!” has ceased to be…a statement. It’s become something foregone—not everywhere, but I imagine most of the venues where my voice would actually be heard. However, beyond my not caring about the […]


I’m getting into Malifaux! Plenty of games try for the steampunk aesthetic–Alternate Civil War 1861’s Kickstarter was just making the rounds (again?), and a buddy and I’ve been eyeing Wild West Exodus for a while. However, one of the major impediments to either of those games grabbing me is their focus on a time and place […]