Projects Galore

I don’t love painting as much as I’d like to. I enjoy the act itself, mind. I’m extremely proud of that fella, for instance. I was simply setting out to paint a white wolf, because Darif’s Winter Beast is a white, wolf-like creature. Rather than using a wolf proper I used a LotR warg. I’m […]

Do You Have a Moment to Talk About Chaos? A Brief Sermon

That seemed the most apropos tag to give this little bit of writing. The ole FLGS is starting up a narrative-driven massive campaign, spanning both stores and–ideally–sporting six different teams split evenly between the locations. Players can join any of the teams at either store, though I’m still not entirely confident in the ways they’ve […]

My Earlier Complaints Were Baseless

I’m trying to get more practiced utilizing Dropbox. This is relevant to posting, because part of what serves an excuse for not posting more often is the lack of pictures I can throw into my posts. It feels…wrong to lack pictures, not because I’m trying to get my SEO so so right, but–I suppose–because I […]

Do You Have a Moment to Talk About Chaos? Overview

I decided I wanted to start a new series, to float alongside my extant stuff. The series will somewhat ape the content I’m going to other sites to read, in that it’s a theme-based analysis of various vagaries of Chaos. I recognize that this means similar posts exist elsewhere on the net, but the thing […]

Navel-Gaming: 1000pt Daemons v CSM

Winter in Wyoming is a thing of reality. That, combined with my wife being sick (and then, about a week later,┬áme being sick) meant that the last couple weeks didn’t see me making it down to the game shop all that often. However, my 40k collection finally reached the critical mass (of assembled figures, really; […]