A-Z Action: Little Bit of Housecleaning

That cheating?

When I ported these venoms of my mind over from blogspot to this here noble domain, some shit didn’t port right.

I think that my posts, after some effort, have been brought up to speed. All my jump cuts should work. Formatting should be cleared up–inasmuch as I’ve managed, that is; some of the color and such isn’t popping off right and had to be removed.

The occasional link in a post to another one may not work, I’m still hunting those. But for anyone new to the blog, my three main series ought to be legible. Those would be:

This housecleaning actually saves me from what would have been a shameful misstep, as well: I’d already written M a few days ago, and nearly posted it before K. I caught the need for K, but was this close to dropping M without giving any love to L. Now all is right with the alphabet.

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