Boppin’ and Blog Hoppin’: Day Eighteen

What’s the first gaming convention you attended? I’ve done the convention thing twice. Twice! I’m from Wyoming, it’s not really a thing. We do have some friends who hit up Comic-Con in Denver, and graciously invite us every year, but that is a very different thing to me. For instance, I had to look up […]

Boppin’ and Blog Hoppin’: Day Seventeen

What was the first time you heard that DnD was evil? Before I’d ever seen the game. Long before. Luckily I didn’t grow up in a household that placed a lot of…restriction on my hobbies. The books I was reading started at Bradbury around kindergarten and only shot up, so my parents largely abandoned trying […]

Boppin’ and Blog Hoppin’: Day Sixteen

Don’t get it twisted! This is a scenario with an endpoint, and even with things like romantic weekend obligations, work, and all these Orks to put together, the posts’ll get where they need to. Other posts also crop up occasionally, through blog hop answers or other things. Anyway, Question 16! Do you remember your first […]

Boppin’ and Blog Hoppin’: Day Fifteen

What was the first edition of DnD you didn’t enjoy? Why? Oh man, this is a great question. Think it has a bit of overlap with the edition wars question that crops up next, so I’ll try to take this in lil’ bites. The first edition of DnD I didn’t enjoy was 3rd…or more accurately, the […]

Boppin’ and Blog Hoppin’: Day Fourteen

Did you meet your significant other while playing D&D? Does he or she still play? (Also there’s some bullshit about protesting Valentine’s Day with a monster) As I type this I’m catching up on an old episode of My Brother, My Brother, and Me; specifically episode 103, KORBEN DALLAS. Travis (your middlest brother) just told […]

Boppin’ and Blog Hoppin’: Day Twelve

First store where you bought your gaming supplies. Does it still exist? Hastings. You ever been to a Hastings? My experience in the last couple of years at Hastings makes this question somewhat challenging to answer. Back in the day, Hastings was kind of like a…bookier Best Buy? Like, you’d go there to buy books, […]

Boppin’ and Blog Hoppin’: Day Eleven!

First Splatbook you begged your DM to approve. Should we explain this one? In the world of today, splatbooks would be equivalent to DLC for a video game. They were slimmer books that had laminated or vinyl covers–hence the “splat” when you threw them on a table. The oldschool 2e ones had these gorgeous faux-leather situations […]

*Screeching Sound, Smoke Curling From Heels*

Whew! With this next post, I hit the current day’s post for the 40th Anniversary Blog Hop challenge. That’s a lot of posting in not a lot of days, which was great as a way to stay in a seat and recover from being sick. I definitely think there’ve been some writing-related lessons so far, […]