*Screeching Sound, Smoke Curling From Heels*

Whew! With this next post, I hit the current day’s post for the 40th Anniversary Blog Hop challenge. That’s a lot of posting in not a lot of days, which was great as a way to stay in a seat and recover from being sick. I definitely think there’ve been some writing-related lessons so far, and have primarily worked to get out of my own way and just type. It’s not all incredible quality, but it’s felt like good limbering-up. I’ve made sure not to read ahead on the questions, but I hope that some of the ones to come will really let me get my teeth in, as there were a couple posts so far that were…brief.

Thinking about DnD has, surprisingly, not really filled me with a hunger to play it. Except that last post, which has specifically made me want to dig out that incredible Dragon issue and re-read that demon/devil/daemon PrC. That thing…man.


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