Can I Say Rawr? I’m Saying Rawr.

I had this picture on deck when I wrote my hobbynnui (if you say it out loud, I think it works) post, but thought it’d make a better coda to that somewhat gloomy expulsion of frustration. These three lionmen barely feel like they should count as a conversion…you just take some Crypt Horrors and slap […]

Snare Effect

I’ve been feeling extremely disconnected from my hobby of late. The impetus for that was certainly the unpleasant drama of the late-summer/early-fall, but the ennui’s continued to creep up on me.

FAQ Changes Are Exciting!

Folks at my local store are still deep below decks on that Privateer action, but Warhammer Fantasy just got a significant update. Short version is that the End Times changes to army building (Lords and Heroes increased from up to 25% to up to 50%) are now across-the-board official. Lore of Undeath also made available to […]

Projects Galore

I don’t love painting as much as I’d like to. I enjoy the act itself, mind. I’m extremely proud of that fella, for instance. I was simply setting out to paint a white wolf, because Darif’s Winter Beast is a white, wolf-like creature. Rather than using a wolf proper I used a LotR warg. I’m […]

Do You Have a Moment to Talk About Chaos? A Brief Sermon

That seemed the most apropos tag to give this little bit of writing. The ole FLGS is starting up a narrative-driven massive campaign, spanning both stores and–ideally–sporting six different teams split evenly between the locations. Players can join any of the teams at either store, though I’m still not entirely confident in the ways they’ve […]

Practically Herculean Up In Here

In a break from unfolding the tale of that long-ago tournament and various other things, here are a couple pictures of what I’m currently all about. Put in some major work on these boys yesterday and today, and it’s just so damn much fun. They’re the monstrous infantry support for my Typhonic Beastman army, all designed […]

Basily Hasted

I really, really, really dislike basing. It doesn’t help that I’m up at 4am trying to get everything based for a Combat Patrol tourney tomorrow at Gryphon Games. Not that 4am’s crazy for a weekend night, especially since I slept til about 2pm today because it’s, you know, Setherday. I’m also making my own job harder […]