FAQ Changes Are Exciting!

Folks at my local store are still deep below decks on that Privateer action, but Warhammer Fantasy just got a significant update.

Short version is that the End Times changes to army building (Lords and Heroes increased from up to 25% to up to 50%) are now across-the-board official. Lore of Undeath also made available to every army. Basically it just makes clear that the changes in End Times aren’t a special sub-version of the game, but rather the way the game now is.

Couple 40k changes too. Super Heavies now move double the highest die when moving through difficult terrain (so you roll a 3, 2, 4…highest roll’s 4, doubled means you move 8 inches). It’s my understanding that this was something folks were doing anyway, but while folks at my store have supers (and particularly Imperial Knights) I’ve yet to go up against one. Because I want to enjoy life. Still, it’s good for them and at some point potentially good for the Chaos Knight that one day may exist. Good for Stompas too, I suppose!

Tau are clarified to not get Ignores Cover from marklerlights on a blast that hits a unit not targeted by the original attack. Tau should suffer in all ways at all times, so I’m glad to see this potential exploit nerfed.

Space Wolves have some changes, including to wounds on Harald and the AP on Dispersed Hellfrost Destructors…dunno if that stuff had already been changed back in August, though. What’s apparently new there is that SW terminators can take power and frost axes. I’ll get clarification from my dude Danny at some point on if that’s all new-new or only the axe thing.

Black Legion had an artifact that I’ve never seen anyone at the store take changed to be like a power I’ve never seen anyone at the store take. Basically they can manifest Sunburst (mid-strength, poor AP nova) with extended range. That likely has some use, since novas always get better the more enemies they can affect; given their ability to hit Soaring/Zooming models, in particularly, being able to reach out further may result in some unexpected anti-air. The shoddy strength and risk of completely exploding, though, makes the power risky enough I’m not sure it sees much use.

Daemon chariots loyal to Khorne got a big upgrade, in that they now have 2 Bloodletter attacks at init 4. Unlike the other chariots in the game, Khorne chariots don’t come with a rider or a crew, so previously they had this weird relationship to combat (which they want to get in, because they’re S7 on HoW and can heal themselves off unsaved wounds). Once they were in combat they had no attacks, though, and since chariots do get stuck in they’d basically just get eaten. Now that’s not a thing! I’ve had plans to build a Skull Cannon of Khorne out of Slaaneshi chariots, so now I’ll need to accentuate the AP-appearance of the daemonette crew to avoid cries of foul down the line.

Thrilled, though, because this rule change makes me much more comfortable devoting the time to that project. I wanted a cannon mostly for the pseudo-grenades (Daemons don’t drop to init 1 when charging through difficult terrain if their target unit took a hit from a Skull Cannon in the preceding shooting phase), but wasn’t sure if I’d be wasting the points on a model built with an eye towards charging stuff. Now I’m definitely going to find a home for at least one!

Dark Eldar FAQ is currently a blank page…how devious! Update 10/24/14:  Dark Eldar, not Elves…my contemptuous references to Eldar as space elves bites me in the ass. That FAQ works now and…it wasn’t really worth worrying about! Presumably that will change after the new codex has been out for a time, but maybe they’ve mastered the art of codex-delivery and the book was perfect, neither too weak nor capable of exploitation?

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