Can I Say Rawr? I’m Saying Rawr.

Processed with VSCOcamI had this picture on deck when I wrote my hobbynnui (if you say it out loud, I think it works) post, but thought it’d make a better coda to that somewhat gloomy expulsion of frustration. These three lionmen barely feel like they should count as a conversion…you just take some Crypt Horrors and slap High Elf Lion heads on them. Boom. Still, with a couple layers of paint—and eyes provided by my wife, who…yeah, she’s a talent—I think they look awesome. I’d considered cutting the bones off of their limbs, or gilding them, but when it came to actual painting I liked how they played; I’ll likely give them a light wash to detail it up a bit. There’s some touch-ups to do as well, specifically beard clasps and the tombstone that the rightmost lion is carrying.

My original plan was to play these as Minotaurs, or possibly Mino characters. Ultimately, though, i decided that it’d be a pain and aesthetically tricky to try and represent any weaponry on the Crypt Horror hands. I then thought about using them as unit filler for my Bestigors, where extra bodies on the table benefit my army the most. Realistically, though, they fit the theme and flavor of the army best if I throw them in blocks of Gors, so with these effective 12 additional bodies I may be able to start running two Gor blocks. If need be, of course, I could split them off and run them as a minimum Mino unit, but color-wise they’ll look much better surrounded by my Gors.

Unrelated to the above, check this out:

Processed with VSCOcam
Seriously. Just…seriously.

Hasn’t touched a brush in months, and my wife is just “Oh, flame effect? Never tried that before. Don’t need a tutorial or anything, I’ll just do a little here, and there, and bam.”

To be fair, she didn’t actually say–or probably think–any of that. It was more of a “Hey, does this look okay?” and me staring in amazement. Every one of her ogres looks this good, and I cannot wait until she has an army to field.

Sidenote: In the back is a still-in-progress glimpse of my kitbashed Heldrake.

4 thoughts on “Can I Say Rawr? I’m Saying Rawr.

  1. Great conversion work there! And yes, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as laying down an awesome flame effect. I’m psyching myself up to try some object-source lighting on an upcoming Malifaux figure.

    Speaking of that game, I thought of you the other day as I met with a couple comrades to discuss our 2015 Malifaux plans: one of them confessed that basing was his *favorite* part of working on minis. So if you felt a sudden pain sometime around 8:00 PM (MST) on Tuesday, that’s what that was. 😉

    1. Did you have a mini handy to smash to the ground when such blasphemy was uttered?

      Lotta Mali models have scenic bases, right? I’ve only recently come into a few models with those (the Warhammer 40k Stormclaw box had a few, primarily) and while one’d think I would find -more- solace in that, it ends up stressing me out a bit. Looking forward to seeing how your crew(s) come together!

      1. They don’t have scenic bases so much as extra shit molded onto them. So, like, a box they’ve got a foot up on, or a coffin they’re bursting out of, or a dust cloud (yes, dust cloud: they’re kicking up…even a lamp post in one instance. Wyrd also sells custom resin bases, like “sewer” or “bayou” sculpts.

        Perhaps because of this, Malifaux peeps seem to be among the worst offenders in just going completely apeshit with overly-complicated basing. I mean, you see some crazy 40K stuff too, sure, but it’s just so…consistent to see Malifaux figures mounted on some sort of ridiculous base scheme that’s taller than the actual figure.

        (That was one of the reasons I went with clear bases for my Malifaux crews in particular, as a sort of counter-revolutionary reaction against all that excess.)

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