>Back Online

>Well, obviously I was never offline, so much as not providing posts here. Over the next week or so, though, I’m aiming to finish out my Fighter Mark analysis and Language series, and start looking at some new subjects to tackle.

With my Tinderbox game back up, I can finally start posting statblocks for some of the monsters the party faced; many of these blocks were done in late 2010, but since the parties hadn’t come up against them yet (or had, but hadn’t identified them)I didn’t want to put that information out there. At this point, however, Team Ashen Mask has slaughtered many Seawolves; Sullen Embers is a bit behind, mostly because we lost far more players from that group during the hiatus.

I’ll also talk a little about the sandbox conventions I’ve been putting into play–and the challenges thereof.

Hi internet.

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