Soused Hephaestus

So I’m just now watching War of the Titans. I wasn’t willing to watch it in theaters because the previous film, despite excellent scorpions, was pretty shit.

This film is much the same.

But watching the scene where they do battle with a Cyclops, which seems ridiculous to me, I began to consider something fascinating.

I know, as much as a thing can be known, that Cyclops (Cyclopes…Cyclopeans, etc) are “good” pre-gods. I’ve known this since I was about 7 years old, walking down to the Natrona County Library and devouring every mythological book available. I may have known it earlier, as I think I had a Dulaire’s Greek Myths available from a while back.

Regardless of the far-in-the-fogs times, I knew Cyclops were good folk. Or at least True Neutral with a chance of sunny side folks.

And things work out aright within the film, of course. But they do so after this protracted battle I simply can’t comprehend ocurring, given the nature of the film. Is there any creature more inclined to keep the Titans buried deep than the ones who put them there? That applies for the Gods and that ought apply for their compatriots.

I feel this belongs somewhere in a gaming campaign. Entities working for a God or Gods, but entirely-ass ignorant of the true plan. I don’t mean in the sense that they serve a deity who turns out to be a shitheel. I mean folks devoted to a scripture which is entirely false and misleading.

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