My Brain Has Excellent Casting

I just had a dream. This dream, which followed on the heels of a dream where Adam Sandler made a very tasteless joke about midgets ladling love-juice on the hair of sleeping female employees at a strip club (the dream included no actual stripping).

In the dream, Paul Blackthorne was playing Harry Dresden, which he did.

He was comforting a young woman, after he’d used his magical talents to solve the brutal murder of her family during a daring crime. The criminal was, of course, Michael Massee–or possibly Billy Drago. Dresden was explaining that since the character had previously been a diamond thief, he was well-suited to switching into safe-cracking. But, specifically, Dresden said “What the mind wills, the hand will do.”

In Latin.

A language I don’t speak.

Dresden said that while spinning a drill and, using a slight bit of prestidigitation, crafting a three-lobed amethyst crystal which he gave to the grieving girl in order to assuage her bad dreams.

My wife, on the other hand, had a dream where I cheated on her and some people wrecked our wedding, and now I’m home alone.

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