Boppin’ and Blog Hoppin’: Day Seven

What’s the first DnD product you ever bought? Do you still have it?

I covered this pretty comprehensively in my first blog hop post. If we get really technical, there’s at least a chance I paid cash monies for a set of DnD dice prior to my PHB. My dice have disappeared/walked off/been stolen maybe three times in my life, so I definitely don’t have those anymore. The book, though, is chilling in my closet right now. It survived some raw years of storage at my parents’ while I was in college; I remember coming to visit, going into the storage shed, noting that there were significant leaking holes in the roof, and pointing out that had to be great for books inside cardboard boxes.

But the book still lives! I even have the stand I used to read it on (because the thing felt holy). I also still have the faded, worn-soft, barely-holding-together folders full of my first two or three campaign worlds. Cherished stuff…short as this entry is, it definitely has me wanting to go just pick that stuff up and look at it.

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