Boppin’ and Blog Hoppin’: Day Nineteen

Who was the first gamer to annoy the Nine Hells out of you?

I started gaming when I was around ten. I gamed during adolescence, start to finish. I gamed on school trips. I gamed while my two best friends fought a battle over the thoroughly-damaged young woman they were both hooking up with, inasmuch as 14-year-olds of those halcyon days hooked up. I gamed in drafty basements and in whispers in dining rooms and hidden in RVs. I’ve had ample opportunity to be in close proximity to folks who had some serious shit going on, weren’t necessarily super well-equipped for social interaction to begin with, and done all this for looong periods of time. I was also, note, going through adolescence myself; and that was as a pimply, gawky, scrawny mulatto in an almost all-white town, with BOTH a mullet AND a rat tail. I’ve killed PCs and had PCs kill my giant boss ten rounds too early. I’ve had people snap at me, or throw things and do that personal-space-invasion thing guys do when they want to seem like they want to fight. I drove more than one kid to tears, then had to explain to their parents why they were picking their child up in the late hours of the night.

But before all that, I gamed with my little brother. So he takes the win.

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