Where Do Beastbabies Come From?

Harpies? Yes? No? Maybe?

A lovely flock of ladies.

To me, the Beastman fluff feels very backed-down, and with the direction GW has gone (see for reference: Necrons) I don’t imagine they’ll change things up. The way Beastmen are presented is…sanitized. I don’t revel in sexual violence, by any means, but given the satyr that serves as the background for the creature (and the centaurs as well) and the near-complete absence of female alternatives, it seems that the lads have a pretty obvious method of reproduction.


Harpies provide something of an alternative to this. It’s weird that they’d also work with Dark Elves, but they can be a force to bring a moderately less rapey vibe to the army, or at least balance out the sexual aggression–Mika the Wolf Nomad had his own memorable interaction with a harpy, complete with a baby!

Plus, particularly when I started putting my Beastmen together and wasn’t yet in possession of a Skull Cannon (or the ability to actually run one), Harpies serve as fast-moving artillery hunters and backlane harassers. I need these things, and now that I understand you get up to 50% Special choices in an army (my first many lists were built at just 25%) I should be able to throw at least one cadre into almost any list.

My ladies are built from the Witch Elf/Sisters of Slaughter kits, emphasis particularly on those incredible Sisters of Slaughter masks, with wings from Tyranid Gargoyles. The result looks like this:

I’m the Bat…wait, I’m going to use this joke in another post.

I did tweak a couple of models, primarily because I’d already assembled two Gargoyles last Thanksgiving and didn’t feel right about cutting them up for their wings. So one Harpy has a surplus pair of Vargheist wings…

Processed with VSCOcam
Elegant, statuesque, terrifying.

…while another, which I think of as my Victoria’s Secret Harpy, is probably how I’ll build future iterations, because she cuts things down to a single box purchase alongside some greenstuff. Her wings are just the Witch Elf hair, which comes in two pieces, and thus makes a flowing, impactful wingspan. I think she’ll be a lot of fun to paint, and will come out much brighter than the typical ladies.

Processed with VSCOcam

One thought on “Where Do Beastbabies Come From?

  1. You know…they could make some real nice Dark Eldar conversions…great poses, always loved those models

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