Tinderbox: Races and Classes

Eventually I’ll have flavor text for all of this, but I started writing individual, kingdom-specific flavor for each class and nearly blacked out. Most of the racial abilities were wholly off the cuff (feats too) so I don’t know exactly where they fit in terms of balance. Goblins and bugbears stand to receive some special feats, and kobolds will probably either get feats of their own or have the ability to just feat into dragonborn feats.

Races Allowed

The Kingdom of Silks


(+2 Dex or Cha, +2 Int)


(+2 Int or Con, +2 Cha)


(+2 Int or Con, +2 Str)


(+2 Dex or Int, +2 Wis)

Changeling (Eberron Player’s Guide)

(+2 Dex or Int, +2 Cha)


(+2 Int or Cha, +2 Wis)


(+2 Con or Dex, +2 Cha)
Special Rules In lieu of their Dilettante power, half-elves from the Kingdom of Silks may select the racial power of Eladrin, Tieflings, Genasi (select one manifestation and only gain the encounter power portion), Githzerai, or Changelings (Changeling Trick only). This represents the strength of that portion of their bloodline, and the half-elf counts as a member of whichever race he selects the racial power from for the purposes of feat and paragon path selection. Note that a half-elf cannot select Deva with this option.

Warforged (Eberron Player’s Guide)

(+2 Str or Int, +2 Con)
Special Rules Warforged may not begin the game as Artificers. They can, however, multiclass into Artificer.


(+2 Wis or Cha, +2 Int)
Special Rules Shardminds do not possess the Immortal Origin. Shardminds may not begin the game as Artificers. They can, however, multiclass into Artificer.

The Ruby Caliphate


(+2 Con or Cha, +2 Str)
Special Rules Dragonborn colors do affect their breath weapon, as well as determining elements of their personality and even social standing. Although the color of a particular dragonborn’s scales may be mottled, duller in hue, or otherwise distinct from other members of her race, more important dragonborn come from bloodlines bred with exacting attention paid to their coloration. A dragonborn’s color determines both his breath weapon damage type and his skill bonuses:
Red Fire, +2 to Intimidate and History
Blue Lightning, +2 Perception and Arcana
Green Poison, +2 Nature and Insight
Black Acid, +2 Athletics and Bluff
White Cold, +2 Endurance and Nature
Gold Fire, +2 Diplomacy and Arcana
Silver Cold, +2 Endurance and Intimidate
Adamantine (Charcoal Gray) Thunder, +2 Dungeoneering and Perception
Copper Acid, +2 Athletics and Nature
Iron (Light Metallic Gray) Lightning, +2 Stealth and Thievery


(+2 Con or Int, +2 Dex)
Special Rules Eager Servitors Kobolds are bred to tend to the whims (and suffer the rages) of draconic and dragonborn masters. Select a color from the Dragonborn list above. Gain 5+1/2 your level resistance to that element.

The Tran Empire


(+2 Str or Wis, +2 Con)


(+2 Int or Cha, +2 Dex)
Special Rules
Goblin Tactics You gain a +1 racial bonus to attack rolls against creatures granting you combat advantage.
Goblin Agility You can shift while prone.


(+2 Str or Cha, +2 Con)
Special Rules
Phalanx Fighter Hobgoblins gain +2 to their AC when adjacent to an ally.
Encumbered Speed As the dwarven ability of the same name.
Hobgoblins have access to the following feats:
Formation Warrior An ally at your back is more than just a shield. Prereq: Hobgoblin
When receiving the benefit of Phalanx Fighter, you also gain +1 to your Fort/Ref/Will defenses.
Grit of the Legion Pain is mostly in the mind. Prereq: Hobgoblin
You can expend your Hobgoblin Resilience as an immediate interrupt when hit by a damaging attack. If you do, the triggering attack deals half damage to you.
Enduring Servant of the Tran Your opponent’s tricks only fuel your resolve. Prereq: Hobgoblin
If you fail the saving through granted by your Hobgoblin Resilience, you gain 5/Tier temporary hit points.


(+2 Dex or Wis, +2 Str)
Special Rules Bugbears do not get the Predatory Eye Power.
Masterful Hunter When you make a Perception check, you may roll twice and take either result.
Silence of the Beast You do not suffer an armor penalty on Stealth checks. In addition, you do not suffer a penalty to stealth for moving more than 2 squares.
Bestial Prowess You gain the Bestial Prowess Racial power.
Bestial Prowess- Bugbear Racial
Encounter. Free Action (You hit with one or more targets with a Weapon attack that deals damage). Weapon. EFFECT: Add your highest physical ability modifier to the damage roll of the attack.


(+2 Con or Wis, +2 Str)
Special Rules Orcs gain a +2 bonus to Endurance and Nature checks. Orcs have access to the following racial feats:
One Strike Warrior Hit your opponent hard enough once, you don’t need to hit them again. Prereq: Orc.
You gain proficiency with all military high-crit weapons, and when you wield a versatile weapon in two hands it gains the high-crit property. You gain a +1 feat bonus to each damage die you roll with a weapon attack (Including the maximized die on a high-crit weapon critical).
Ferocious Conduit Toys of steel and stone are worthless; your power is stoked by a deeper fury. Prereq: Orc. Arcane, Divine, Psionic, or Primal class which uses Implements.
You gain the Ferocious Conduit encounter power.
—–Ferocious Conduit- Orc Racial
Standard. Healing, Implement, (This power gains the power-source keyword appropriate to the class implement being used- Arcane, Divine, Psionic, or Primal). Ranged 5. Target: 1 creature. Attack: Int, Wis, Con, or Cha v Ref (Choose an ability score when you select this feat. The attack uses that ability score for attack and damage.)
Hit: 1d8+Int, Wis, Con, or Cha damage, and you can spend a healing surge. Increase to 2d8+Int, Wis, Con, or Cha damage at 21st level.
Special This power expends the use of your Warrior’s Surge.
Slavering Rage The only thing better than the rush of battle is the satisfaction you glean from mauling your foe. Prereq: Orc.
If you are bloodied when you use your Warrior’s Surge, it inflicts an extra [W] damage.


(+2 Dex or Con, +2 Str)
Special Rules Half-Orcs select Elf or Dwarf as their other bloodline; they may choose feats as though they were a member of that race.
Half-Orcs gain access to the following feat:
Greenblood There can be no question that you favor the orcish side of your family. Prereq: Half-Orc.
While you have temporary hit points granted by your Half-Orc Resilience, your Furious Assault power deals extra damage equal to your Constitution modifier. You can select feats as though you were an Orc in addition to a Half-Orc.


(+2 Int or Wis, +2 Dex)


(+2 Con or Dex, +2 Cha)
Special Rules In lieu of their Dilettante power, half-elves from the Tran Empire may select the Elvish Accuracy power or the ability to use their Second Wind as a minor action. Tran Half-Elves are considered elves and dwarves for the purpose of selecting feats.

Power Sources/Classes Allowed











Power Sources/Classes Restricted


It is not to say that gods do not exist within the sphere of the world; but if they are present, their activities are entirely too circumspect to attract notice, let alone worship. As such, they empower no servants, grant no spells, and have no notable presence within the world.
Players may not build characters of any Divine Class save the Runepriest and Avenger, whose power sources have been altered in this campaign. They may not select feats which multiclass into a Divine Class other than the aforementioned two, and never qualify for feats or paragon paths which require Cleric, Invoker, or Paladin.


Perhaps a product of the same divine distance that prevents the gods from being particularly active, the fell nature of the Shadowfell is also relatively unfelt within the world. Though the inhabitants of the beleaguered Tran Empire probably do not realize this, it also means they are mercifully spared the depredations of undead monsters and other entities of the shadow.
Players may not build characters of any Shadow Class. They may not select feats which multiclass into a Shadow Class, and never qualify for feats or paragon paths that require Assassin, or unpublished future Shadow Classes.

2 thoughts on “Tinderbox: Races and Classes

  1. >I like some of these racial changes… but at the same time I never understand them! I mean… i understand broad sweeping changes, like not letting half elves have dilettante cheese, and keeping warforged and such out of artificers… but take the Half-orc feat "greenblood". I get what it does. And I get that there may be some opportunities in which it might be reasonable. But limited use+limited opportunity feats like that are already passed over by most players in favor of always-useful standbys like weapon/implement focus, etc 99.9% of the time… do you really expect that your players are going to jump on it? Is there a particular reason you went out of your way to create it? Does it reflect a broader view you have about half-orcs in all your campaigns, or is it somehow significant to the setting?

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