The Earth: Saved.

The fate of the brave XCOM soldier whose designation was “Whiskey,” a single mother of three children who had served with the taskforce for several months: Unknown.

What -is- known is that she sacrificed her livelihood, and possibly her life, to ensure a brighter future for her children, her family, and all the inhabitants of every nation on earth. When the sun rises tomorrow, it rises on an entire world which owes its existence to Whiskey and the work that she, her compatriots, and particularly her three fallen squadmates (Wardog, Athena, and Caper) committed aboard the massive alien cruiser previously seen to hover above the Pacific Ocean.

We salute you. Your children will grow as royalty and live as heroes. Every time mankind points its eyes to the sky, rifle in hand and finger on the red button, yours will be the name whispered as a silent prayer that tonight–of all nights–passes silently.

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