‘Tis the Season

Logged into GW2 after I was awakened from a nice slumber by an utterly horrifying dream wherein I had been sleeping in the same bed (but foot-to-head) with a possessed Linda Blair. We’d been playing footsie, and I was trying to exorcise her despite A) not being a Christian and B) knowing that the sheets on her side of the bed hadn’t been changed in weeks, which somehow meant they were extra eeevil.

Logged into GW2, where I was instantly approached by a frantic Pack Bull whose master had been eaten by a massive marsh drake. Rushed to the aid of the bull (I come from a rodeo family, this is a thing that must happen) and spent an exciting 10 minutes burning it down with two other folk. Did NOT manage to save digesting owner, so I’ll be redoing this event.

After I killed the drake (who had swallowed me with its dying breath, so I was screaming “Shoot heeeer! Shooot her!”) and admitting she was a “Clever Girl,” I saw a giant candy corn sticking up from the ground.

I harvested said candy corn, while speaking aloud the phrase “Sure, I’ll harvest some giant candy corn.”

That is all.

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