Quick post…do have some battle reports in the hopper, for Warmachine and Warhammer alike.

This post, though, is a short one. A short, tragic tale…which didn’t start out tragic, at the least, but I confirmed what I was about to type and realized that my dreams were utterly dashed. See, I was reading this article, and right off the bat hit the line about how taking a model in Mega Armor grants Slow and Purposeful to the unit (didn’t know that Slow and Purposeful was something that carried into a unit!) which, in turn, grants the entire unit the ability to fire heavy/salvo/rapid/etc. weapons freely. So I thought Hey, Self! You only run Noise Marines, ever, because you love them and all your CSM are converted to be them! So this is essentially the best thing ever. You can take a cheapish Chaos Lord in Terminator armor<&mdash>which is non-Ork Mega Armor<&mdash>with the mark of Slaanesh, and suddenly you’ve got mobile Noise Marines!

I thought that this was an awesome example of how minor rule tweaks over editions can dramatically alter the quality of units and options. Mostly, I deal with Slow and Purposeful with my Nurgle Daemons, where it’s a straight nerf since daemons lack any form of rapid fire, salvo, or heavy weapons on infantry or monstrous units. I’d never had any reason to consider the rule beyond it preventing my boys from running, so it felt completely reasonable for me to suddenly learn that it was a rule that was actually dope. I’ve still got the Stormclaw box, entirely untouched. At some point my wife’ll put the Orks together, bolstering her forces by a fistful of Nobs and some Kans, at the least; meanwhile, I’ve a multitude of Space Wolves to apply in a variety of ways. My plan has been to turn some Bloodclaws into Raptors which are magnetized to also serve as Warp Talons; I know Warp Talons aren’t good, but that only tempts me to attempt to put them to valuable use, and having a daemon-heavy army with lots of Icons improves the utility of their blinding deepstrike. They are mad expensive, though! Still, my regular use of Furies means I appreciate having maximal jump troops to shove down an enemy’s throat.

Anyway, Stormclaw also came with a unique model I’ve already turned into a Warpsmith…

Snerr Aspenthet
Unfinished but…sup?

…despite how universally reviled Warpsmiths are. I considered having one high-value because I rely so heavily on Soul Grinders, which lack It Will Not Die, and thus suffer badly when immobilized or deprived a weapon. I do struggle to find an appropriate place for him, since his weapons are relatively short-ranged and he’s a close-combat monster, but I tend to run my Grinders in the back of the map. Nonetheless, I love having him and enjoy practicing with his proper application.

Anyway, for what’s left I’d planned to use some of the Wolf Guard Terminators to make HQ slots (a Sorc and a Lord, most likely) and the rest to make another 3-man Obliterator unit, potentially magnetized to serve as Mutilators as well.

All this to say that learning Terminator armor provides huge bonuses to my Noise Marines was very exciting!

Then I read my codex, and saw that Terminator armor doesn’t actually give Slow and Purposeful. Then I read the 7e codex and learned that the things it does provide aren’t unit-wide, unlike Slow and Purposeful.

Then I wrote this post.

I feel there’s solace to be taken in not being the only one who thought he’d crafted this incredible and valuable combination, only to learn that it in no way actually works. Right?


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